Aoede Scribe (2022)

Environmental Sound Erosion

For: CTC Interdiscplinary Critique
Project by: Kevin Tang

This project focuses on subjects of the non visual, in-describable, emotional, and ephemeral with hopes to quantify, document, and rationalize. The goal is to create a tool that reveals the influence of sound on our physical environment overtime through translating collected environmental sound data to wax.

Through the repetition of listening and carving, similar to a timelapse, or rock formations due to wind and water over millennia, the robot will create a physical representation of the sound over a set period of time.

Initial ConceptThe projected started with the concept of modularity, to create a machine that generates architectural modules that represents a given space.

Soundscape as ArchitectThe end of the process is attempting to take sound’s effect on the wax and remapping that back into the physical space. This will change the sound profile of a space by introducing an architectural work that has been influenced by the sound before its installation.


FabricationThis project covers the entire spectrum of fabrication. From welding steel frames, to 3d printing components, to machine alumiunum weight-bearing components, to hardware, and finally software.