Sheet metal working


BLOOM is a modern lighting designed with the intention of bring the motion of nature into our indoor space, instilling a sense of vitality and wonder. This project is also a product of close exaimations of material capabilities and explorations of natural patterns. The result is a product that consist of only ONE repeated part with clever placement of hinges. This modular design allows for a more competive price as it drives down the cost of manufacutring.


This project came into fruition from studying of material and manufacturing capabilities. It was essential in the design process to understand the material and shop limitations and learned to come up with solutions that work around the physical limitations.

Tin-plated steel
During my exploration of tin-plated steel, I founded an interesting in the beauty of capturing irregular forms in metal, a material that conveys rigidity and permanence. Creating irregularity by first understanding patterns that make something regular, in this case, the spiraling of triangular shapes. Then proceeded in disrupting that balance by altering that pattern. Resulting in forms that's oddly satisfying by the way light reflects on it.

After stumbling across a hinge mechanism during my exploration phase, I expanded on the idea of opening and closing. The inanimated sheet metal and rivets seem almost alive when it moves. Successfully translating the organic bloom of a flower in 16 gauge aluminum sheet metal.