Material exploration
System thinking


This project is an exploration of sustainable system thinking and design. It is important for us to recognize the system that we are designing in and designing for.

Making bioplastics out of potato starch, gelatin, and glycerin is an age-old practice done by many. I went on developing my own take of what bio-plastic, bio-degradable packaging should look like, and its applications.

In order to produce a sustainable packaging that is both bio-degradable and recyclable. A product that could be used and reused multiple times, and through my experimentation, I discovered that the bio-plastic made out of potato starch could be remelted and become “raw material” for a new batch of bio-plastic bags.

Closed-Loop System

Sustainability and recycling is achieve by designing a product that fits into a closed-loop system. The bio-material should ideally be cycled in this system where the material is formed into packaging, shredded, melted down, then being produced into packaging again.