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The goal of this project is to design an interface that increases clarity and to create an experience that promotes self-accountability and strengthens team-mindset.

Creating a live updating task manager app for Large scale tech company with multiple physical locations and large team sizes which will achieve streamlined efficiency in the workplace, underscore the importance of accountability between coworkers, and help remove communication confusion, whether it’s a language barrier or a distance barrier.

Competition Chart (market research)

UX Flowcharts

Key Insights

 Two primary direct competitors exist.

Specifically, Monday and Asana both tackle a very similar type of task-management workflow. However, both are not specifically geared towards tasks; instead they focus on the overall agenda of project management.
There is a need for team clarity, proactive communication, flexible task delegation, and a workflow that enhances individual productivity.
Existing competitions focus on overall agenda of project management. Individual clarity and usability is lacking.

3 Frequent use of technology and check-in doesn’t lead to clarity of tasks.


UI Prototype

UX Prototype